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Open for Submissions!

Open for Submissions!

By on Jun 19, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

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The Book Nymph PR is open for submissions to our monthly magazine! Entering is easy. Simply follow the writing prompt and upload your best story for a chance to win.

Check out this month’s winner, Colleen M. Albert.

June Issue

The Challenge:

3000 words or less:

You find a strange stick in the woods and discover that it is indeed a magic wand. It burns a mark into your palm, claiming you. What do you do with the magic wand? Do you use it for good…or evil?

Send all submissions following our guidelines

12 font

Times New Roman

Double Spaced


$5 Amazon Giftcard

Publication in our magazine, blog, and newsletter

Copy of the Magazine

Max file size is 67 MB.


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