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The Starchild Compact  **Book Feature**

The Starchild Compact **Book Feature**

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The Starchild Compact is an epic tale of beginnings, roots, what might have been, and what might be. It is an adventure of heroic proportions, commencing 500 light years away, arriving here just a few years from now, and ending in the distant expanses of the Universe. Jon Stock takes his international exploration team to Saturn’s moon, Iapetus, that earth scientists have determined may be an artifact. Following launch, they discover Saeed Ismail, a Jihadist stowaway, who hopes to sabotage the mission. They arrive at Iapetus, determine it is a derelict starship, and eventually meet with the Founders, descendants of the starship builders. Their revelations impact the entire Solar System with momentous implications going backward and forward in time, paving the way for a joint push to the distant reaches of the Galaxy. Twitter: @RGWilliscroft Facebook: robert.williscroft LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/argee/ CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/5088546 Kindle Book website...

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