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Quick Fire Q&A with Maggie David

Quick Fire Q&A with Maggie David

By on Sep 15, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Quick Fire Q&A with Maggie David


  1. Coffee or tea?  Green tea
  1.  What do you listen to while writing?Focus music on YouTube
  1.  Favorite place to travel?Whitsundays – Australia
  1.  Favorite TV show or movie?Mrs. Browns Boys TV Series
  1. If you could meet any celebrity or historical figure, who would it be?Sir Richard Branson

From a tiny child I have always loved books. I can remember back to when I was about 5 and sitting with my Dad(who was an avid reader) at the table reading my books. Books opened my eyes and made me realize that words were “Special”. They can bring joy, bring sadness, bring smiles, bring frowns and tell stories. The words in one book, can conjure up images of characters, which can be different for each person reading, words to me are awe inspiring.

As I grew up writing became one of my passions, and still is to this day.

My childhood was rich with wonderful experiences of playing in woodlands and fields in England with my cousins surrounded by my dogs and being taught by my Grandad who was a Master Baker and Grannie how to grow foods, raise animals, produce jams, pickles and cakes that melt in your mouth.

I have been a lifetime student gaining many, many qualifications in several fields of expertise, this knowledge plus my childhood memories and lessons have enriched my writing as I can share with others those memories, my knowledge and my stories.

I adore telling stories to children about my 4 dogs, especially one “Popsie” a little mischief maker, and these have been brought to life in “The Adventures of Popsie and Friends” book series which can be found in the Kindle Store.

I own the following business Oils Of the Earth Pty Ltd. Plus have many successful websites.

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http://twitter.com/maggiedavid   @maggiedavid



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