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Betrayal’s Dust by Vina St. Fran

Betrayal’s Dust by Vina St. Fran

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Betrayal’s Dust by Vina St. Fran

Betrayal Poster

Betrayal, sex and secrets: will the sisters find the happiness they deserve?

Cyndarella, Tavie, Denise and Vette have been best friends since junior high, there for each other through the ups, downs, triumphs and tears in their relationships. There’s one thing they all agree on: their men like to call the shots. Cyn makes her husband, Bashar, feel he’s the one in charge of their marriage, while Tavie and Vette are getting tired of waiting on their guys to propose. Denise has been left struggling to get pregnant and at odds with her husband, Sean. For all, it’s a waiting game—though with lots of great sex!

But a girl can’t live by loving alone; she has to find ways of letting her man think he’s setting the pace, but get what she needs. For Cyn, that means banishing the dark secrets of her husband’s past before he and she can be truly happy; for Tavie, finding a faithful lover, and dealing with Geneva, the ex of her exes who just won’t go away; can Denise have that longed-for baby and save her marriage; and how will Vette handle the lust she holds for Pete, Cyn’s brother, and settle for Louis, her handsome older man?

Find out in Vina St. Fran’s powerful, passionate and unputdownable novel—Book 2 of the Amorous Trilogy. The follow-up novel to One Foot outside the Door–that charts the next phase in her unforgettable characters’ lives!


Where to purchase Books in The Amorous Trilogy for One Foot
Outside The Door & Betrayal’s Dust links:









One Foot Outside The Door Reviews

Midwest Book Reviewer’s Choice March, 2015
“This book delves into the heartbreaking arena of the intense scrutiny and
misconceptions involved in interracial dating. Yet, it embraces those struggles
with such realism, grit and honesty, that this is truly a refreshing read from this
new author.
There is a true love story which unfolds here that entertains as well as educates.
The storytelling is solid, focused, and downright unpredictable! The supporting
cast of characters each with their own distinctive flavoring makes this a mustread
book that I would highly recommend. The sex scenes are sensual,
passionate, and SO frigging good because they reel you in with each scene from
beginning to end. Hotness at the highest level! It is a game-changer! Can’t wait to
read the next installment!”
Reader’s Favorite Book Review March 23, 2015

“One Foot Outside The Door by Vina St. Fran is a fascinating contemporary
romance story that takes you deep into the lives of four women as they try to find
their right footing in the world of relationships. The four were all comfortable in
their professional lives, but it was exciting to follow their personal journeys and
witness a friendship so pure and fierce. The story portrays the beauty of having
friends you know you can count on at any time and turn to with/for anything. I
loved the way the other three completely trusted Cyn and knew that they could
tell her anything without fear of being judged or ridiculed. One Foot Outside The
Door by Vina St. Fran delivered a story filled with romance, suspense and
relationship drama through love triangles, betrayals, broken trust, and second

10/01/2015-Readers Favorite Honorable Mention Award for best
Romantic Suspense

Reviews for Betrayal’s Dust:
Midwest Book Review: November, 2015
“Betrayal’s Dust is the second book in the Amorous Trilogy that follows
the 1st installment, “One Foot Outside The Door”. The story starts off
with Cyndarella Bazzi and her clan enjoying their life as a family. Cyn
and Bashar are parents to a set of identical twin boys, and their oldest,
Nadia, all under the age of 8. The Bazzi’s commitment to each other
remains passionately intact, but Bashar’s controlling ways wears on his
wife. Denise and Sean struggle to deal with her inability to conceive, and
issues with infidelity. Denise is desperate to save her marriage, but is it
worth saving? Vette Vern is beside herself with relationship insecurity.
Lou Burns, her older long-term lover has yet to put a ring on it, and
Vette’s resentment gives her a roving eye. Octavia “Tavie” Slade, and
Orville are the newest couple to emerge, but Orville’s ex-wife, Geneva,
has explosive information that doesn’t bode well for the lovers.
Ms. St. Fran reintroduces Mackenzie Dooley, into the fray, and he
reconnects with Tavie. Tavie is broken, and coming to grips with the
reality of her poor choices with men. Here is an excerpt that highlights
the exchange between Mackenzie and Tavie.
“Mack, I must be doing something wrong to keep drawing these losers to
me! I mean, this scenario keeps occurring on some level, but with a
different cast of characters,” Tavie reflected.
“I was one of those losers, remember?”
Betrayal’s Dust lives up to its title as the couples are all impacted by
duplicity on many levels. Cyn and Bashar face a family crisis that
threatens their union after a revelation that triggers Cyn’s undisclosed
eating disorder that impacts her health. Bashar comes to her aid while
coping with his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
As with “One Foot Outside The Door”, the sex scenes are sexy, naughty,
and playfully flirts with BDSM similar to what you could find on websites such as https://www.hdpornt.com/, though very lightly.
Vina St. Fran is not an accidental author. She is the real deal. Brilliantly
written from beginning to end and a highly recommended read!”
Reader’s Favorite, October 2015

“Betrayal’s Dust is another winner in The Amorous Trilogy by Vina St.
Fran. Each of characters’ stories is spicy, profound and inspirational as
they navigate their individual challenges to reach the goals they strive
for. I like that the four friends are from different social and economic
backgrounds and yet they have such a strong and genuine bond. They
represent modern day social dynamics and their families are a true
portrayal of the diversity of the modern family setups. Betrayal’s Dust is
a compelling mixture of trials and triumphs, and love and loss.”
Amazon Reader L.S. November 2015

5-Stars Awesome Read!
“I loved this book! It didn’t take long to sink into the story. Intriguing
story line, lots of unexpected twists and turns. How fun to read a book
that transports you to a romantic place with class and style, tenderness
yet tension! I could not put this down. An easy read but watch out…..it
will take you breath away!!!! I highly recommend this book! Looking
forward to seeing many more in the future!”

About the AuthorVinaMarch5-65

Hi. I’m Vina St. Fran, a Michigan native and I write contemporary romance stories for a mature audience. I am also Political Contributor for Examiner.com, which is an online news publication.

Let me expound upon what drives me to write as an author. I like creating stories about powerful, kick-ass women who make it happen in the boardroom and the bedroom without apologies. You will find my novels may contain characters of different ethnic backgrounds who add spice to the plot, and makes for interesting reading.

My female heroines are confident and charismatic, yet they are vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. The realism is heartfelt, for to love is to risk. They find certain situations push them to the brink of despair, yet in the middle of it all they manage to enjoy amazing, fulfilling sex lives with their significant others, which is thrilling and downright erotic. The end result is that the characters mature, and develop into stronger women.

Author Links:
Website: http://zampublishing.com/blog
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Vinastfran
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vina-StFran-1628806784072384/timeline/
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5457662.Vina_St_Fran

For ARC, interviews, guest post or media requests, please contact publicist,
Josephine Metts from Zam Publishing, LLC, at publicity@zampublishing.com.

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