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Romance With a Touch of Love

Romance With a Touch of Love

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“Romance With A Touch of Love ” by Kevin Hollingsworth

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Book Description:

Romance and Love are integral to our lives.  They can be beautiful, inspiring, complex and confusing.  In this collection of poetic thoughts, Kevin Hollingsworth seeks to share the very essence of being human in a unique way that everyone can relate to.  Each reader will find a thread that resonates with their own experience, from appreciation of women to the pain of rejections; from the joy of new love to the devastation of loss.  With endearing honesty and artistic word painting, these pages provide a glimpse into the depths of human experience in a way that will touch each reader somewhere, somehow, and in some way

About the author:   Kevin Hollingsworth is a poet who would like to touch your heart. He would like to bring a love so special to your tender soul after your heart has been touched. He offers love to your spirit after your heart and soul have been fulfilled; and he brings love to your being after your heart, soul, and spirit have joined together in realizing this great wonder. Love brings happiness to life; happiness and more are what Kevin wishes for you.


“Her Name Was Lovely”    romance with a touch of love

Her body was not perfect, but a sculpted delicacy.  Beauty covered her entire frame with no doubt. Autumn’s desire she was indeed. Summer and fall could not forget her.  Her beauty resonated in winter especially. I loved her so, but she never knew…


Format: Paperback

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this book. The author expresses his creativity in a nicely flowing, simple-to-read format. I found myself reading the poems multiple times and gaining a deeper appreciation each time. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves poetry. I can’t wait to read Hollingsworth’s next work!

By Mari on July 27, 2011

Format: Paperback

Hollingsworth creates magic with his lyrical words. He is inspiring and uplifting. One is drawn to read the poems again and again and each time, finding another hidden meaning in his words. For instance, in Cupids Love Song, Hollingsworth illustrates that the cherub’s bow is why, “the love affair begins….so heavenly.” I highly recommend this book of poetry to anyone who enjoys poetry that is simple, yet meaningful. I can hardly wait to see what Hollingsworth does next!

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