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Redd’s Descent is an Amazon Bestseller!

Redd’s Descent is an Amazon Bestseller!

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Redd’s Descent is a dark, sensual retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where roles are reversed and the big bad wolf literally means to eat her victim alive.

“An intoxicating, sensual thrill ride that kept me turning the pages way into the morning.” Conner Kressley, USA Today Bestselling Author

Celtic folklore warns its people not to enter the Dark Woods at night if you want to live to see the light of day. For Redd Kearney, he has no choice after the death of a loved one at the hands of the vicious, mythical half-breed creatures. But what he finds is way worse than any childhood legend ever could have warned him about.

Finding himself chained up in the creature’s den, he has two choices: surrender to her evil to stay alive, or die resisting. But the stakes are high when he has a new travel companion whose virtue he needs to keep intact, and when his wife Aine’s life is threatened if he doesn’t comply and give the Alpha what her pack needs to survive.

Can Redd surrender to his dark side without losing himself in the process? Or will Mac’s dark, insatiable desires cause his full descent before he has time to escape?

The Dark Woods Series…The dark fairy tales your mother never told you about.

Warning: Redd’s Descent is dark, Gothic, Gaelic, with paranormal/shifter elements, mild violence, and explicit sexual encounters, sometimes bordering on risqué (read: not vanilla).

If this is not your thing, please check out my first novel, Faith in Love instead. It’s a light-hearted contemporary romance novella with a little heat, lots of sweet, and is inspirational to boot.

Redd’s Descent is not that.

Available on Amazon!

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