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Triple Cursed Feature

Triple Cursed Feature

By on Sep 6, 2016 in Blog, Books | 0 comments

Dark Indiscretions: Triple Cursed (Dark Indiscretions Series, #4) – $0.99 pre order until Sept. 30th. Releases Nov. 29th

The end is near…

Death is coming for them all…it’s only a matter of time. Who will die and who will live? The monsters are no longer hiding and they have murder in their hearts.

A challenge has been issued and it’s time to soak the fields in blood. A power thought long ago banished has resurfaced and she only has one thing in mind: total destruction.

Can the powers-that-be ban together in time to stop her and unleash their weapons upon her or will the world, as they know it, cease to exist forever?

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