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Sequence Aligned Cover Reveal!

By on Nov 2, 2016 in Blog, Books, Cover reveal | 0 comments

Title:                           SeQuence Aligned

Series Title:               Book Two: The Heart of the Ocean Series

Genre:                        A Young Adult Fantasy/Romance novel




From the Rise of the Red Ice Smoke…


Alessia and Dante’s Sequence of Hearts is sturdier than ever, but the future of their kingdom is at stake. The shield is at its weakest, and an invasion from warring Tregtarians is imminent. Alessia is the key to the survival of Tuscania. Unfortunately, the energy inside her is unstable, untamed, and uncontrolled. Her expedited training results in devastating consequences.


To a spectacular Bubble of Love…


From the sidelines, powerful forces influence futures and churn Sequences, inevitably bringing the Game to its most perilous level. As Alessia and Dante fight to align their Sequence, they are faced with a series of life, love, and death decisions—a true test of endurance and power of their love. Is there another heart in the shadows?


A fusion of Fire and Frost…


When Sequence, Passion, and Fate merge into a death-defying Fusion of Fire and Frost, Love becomes the lead player of the Game. However, with great passion comes a greater sacrifice…



An enthralling fantasy romance that captures and aligns the magical SeQuence of first and forever love.



Life. Love. Death. Which rises above a Game of Sequence?

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