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What Does Being An Indie Author Mean?

What Does Being An Indie Author Mean?

By on Dec 7, 2016 in Blog, Books | 0 comments

In order to learn and grow in knowledge we must first have a firm grasp on definitions that might not be so clear to us. So, let us begin by defining the term “indie author.” An indie author is defined as someone who takes an independent approach to publishing and writing a book. Rather than going the traditional routes of publishing an indie author takes the road less traveled in a way.

Now, that we know what an indie author is we can now see how indie authors affect and contribute to the writing market as a whole. Some people speculate that indie authors are such because they could not get published using traditional methods of publishing books; this however, is not the case. Majority of indie authors choose to become indie authors for their own reasons not necessarily because they couldn’t get published otherwise.

The writing community tends to be critical of indie authors because there are authors who are not self-published and find that those who are self-published are “not real authors.” Which we know is far from true, you are a real author whether you self-publish or not, indie authors just like taking the road of independence and sole creativity, they do not want to travel the road that is well worn.

So, with people being critical of indie authors, why on earth would an author want to be an indie author? Allow me to show you a few reasons why the indie community is amazing and supportive!

1.. Supportive In All Fashions – The indie community shares resources, advice, assistance and support to all those within.

  1. Companionship – While being an indie author might be able to be labeled as being isolated or lonely the indie community offers a wonderful way to stay committed and accountable.
  2. Safe haven – the folks within the indie community provide a safe place for you to bounce ideas and share your thoughts without judgement or the risk of having someone take your ideas.
  3. The bigger picture – Your fellow indie community members will be constantly reminding you that you are part of a bigger movement. There is a bigger picture besides what you can see and you are a contributor to that movement.

If you are an author and considering becoming a part of the indie community we highly recommend looking into the positives and negatives of such an endeavor. Being an indie author can be very rewarding but it does take commitment and dedication.

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