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An Excerpt from Earth by, Caroline Allen

An Excerpt from Earth by, Caroline Allen

By on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog, Books | 0 comments

“You’re going to need all the strength you’ve got. You got a lot of strength inside, but you’re going to have to build yourself back up.” She had a rotund stomach and kept trying to find a way for her legs to be comfortable: up in front, stretched out, sideways. “You have a powerful gift, Pearl. I’ve been blessed to witness it. The Lord has blessed you, and He wants something from you.”

I shuddered. I wanted to scream, God is not a He! but kept quiet.

She turned toward me. “With the world the way it is, and with you being so open, it’ll be easy to get thrown off your strength, to be thrown off your truth. You always have to come back. Can you do that? Can you always find your way back to your truth?”

She took off her thick glasses and used a white tissue from her sleeve to clean them. Her eyes were buggy but surprisingly small without the magnified glass. I noticed for the first time that she smelled like Juicy Fruit.

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