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**Cover Reveal** Life on Top: The Secret Confessions of a High-Class Escort

By on May 3, 2018 in Blog, Cover reveal | 0 comments

Rachel was an ordinary girl, living with her sister in a small block of flats. She was just about to start a new career as an air hostess when her life unexpectedly exploded into a new world of adventure, men and lots of money, following a chance meeting with Maggie; an attractive woman working as a high-class escort in London.

Rachel liked what she saw and wanted what Maggie had; rich, handsome men falling at her feet.

Can Rachel live the life of luxury too? What will her sensible sister Mel say?

And how many hearts will get broken along the way?

Read the story of how a girl gets swept away in the highs and lows of high-class escort living.

Can money really buy happiness?

Book one of a racy trilogy.

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