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An Interview with Christian Bjerring, Danish Author of King of Change

An Interview with Christian Bjerring, Danish Author of King of Change

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Favorite author?  The Danish author Isak Dinesen, who is actually a woman named Karen Blixen. She wrote the best magical tales ever. Meryl Streep portrayed her in the movie “Out of Africa”.     Where do you get your inspiration? From the many, many stories that surrounds us every day. It’s just a matter of being open and curious. But also from sagas, myths, religious mysteries, ancient tales – and science.     If you could relate your book to any other, which would that be? Definitely The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist was the first book ever to make me reflect on myself and my place in life in a trusting manner. The historic figure The King of Salem appears as a minor character in The Alchemist, and I hope his reappearance in my novel King of Change playing a much greater part can be seen in homage.     Favorite quote? From novel King of Change: What we ask for, we attract. Whatever we give attention will grow.     If you could have any super power, what would it be? If my dreams could write themselves…     Where are you from? Copenhagen, Denmark – in Europe.     Where do you wish to visit? South America and Australia is on the list. And I’d love to visit the US again soon. I also have some places I try to return to as often as possible – like the small, beautiful guesthouse and restaurant in the south of France – where time stands still and nothing has been changed for over 30 years… and my family’s wooden cabin the deep Swedish woods.     Who is your greatest supporter? My family. But I am also fortunate to have many readers who promote my work in a fantastic and unselfish manner.     Any advice for fellow authors? Never give up. And when in doubt, just remember to ask pure and simple questions.     Anything you want to say to your readers or potential readers? Thank you! CHRISTIAN BJERRING is a Danish writer, business adviser, and former executive. He holds a master s degree in Nordic literature and focuses on strategy, change, and organizational as well as individual leadership development in his consulting work....

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