Turning Authors into Bestsellers


My book peaked at 1200 on Amazon’s overall paid bestseller list!

“Working with Kenya was a true pleasure. Not only did she create a custom package for my newest release, but thanks to her blurb tweaking, keyword assistance, and marketing methods, my book peaked at 1200 in paid and stayed below 2k on Amazon for over a month. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for future projects.”- Emma Nichols, bestselling romance author of The Souvenir.

Amazon Top 10 Bestseller!

Kenya Cooper and The Book Nymph are without a doubt the best on line marketing firm in the world. I would say Universe, but I don’t know that they have the Internet out there. Kenya took me on with my first traditionally published book. I was an unknown. My book opened – let me say that again – opened at #9 on the Amazon list in its genre.  I was a marketing neophyte. Kenya took me by the hand, set up a blog tour, plastered my book all over millions of sites I would never have had access to using, set up the best Facebook Launch Party I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended a lot).  Sent me viral on twitter, made a spectacular video and got me on-line radio air time.  She did it all for one very, very low price and all the while had the knack of making me think it was my idea.  Kenya and The Book Nymph are the best. If I may quote Arnold – I’ll be back, but this time, I won’t wait until two weeks before my launch. I’m keeping her in my corner! The Book Nymph made me a best-selling author.- Kait Carson, Author of Death by Blue Water.

Immediate Results!

“Marketing and promotion are the hardest tasks an author faces. We’re great at telling a story, but not so good when it comes to talking about ourselves and our work. The Book Nymph eases some of that load. For a very reasonable price, they broadcast my new children’s book, The Beast of Blue Mountain, to the online world. Response was immediate. Sales went up, as did visits to my blog. The Book Nymph should be a part of all authors’ book release campaigns. I plan use them again.” ~Lucy Adams, Author of The Beast of Blue Mountain and other books

Exceeded Expectations!

“I used The Book Nymph services in conjunction with some other promotions I had running for the release of a book, Looks Like Trouble to Me. I loved their enthusiasm! They were cheerful and supportive, going above and beyond my expectations. They even organized a Facebook release party for me- a time intensive process I’ve never pursued. And, at said party, while we were busily chatting with one another, they whipped out several cool images of my book to post- she’s a whiz with Photoshop!

The level of support, coupled with their enthusiasm, was amazing. I’ll happily work with these gals again!” ~Calinda B, New York Times Bestselling Author of sexy paranormal romances

Brilliant Job!

Thank you so much for hosting me! You’ve done a really brilliant job in promoting my title and I would certainly recommend your service to others. Loved the banners and the guest spot. – CP Mandara, USA Today Bestselling Author of A Rough Ride.

I Was Drowning Before I Found This Company!

“I found The Book Nymph when searching through countless websites claiming to help increase book sales and give authors a wider platform. I will admit that at first I was skeptical; another company I used never followed through with what they promised. But Kenya worked hard day after day to increase my sales, and I saw a definite change in my numbers! Not only that, but my online following broadened as well! My books are fantasy, and that genre can be a tough sale. I was drowning before I found this company. You will be so happy you hired them.” ~A.J. Adwen, Author of the Rain Trilogy.

Very Pleased!

“I too was very pleased with the response to the book and the organisation of the tour!” ~Hedonist 6, Author of Beautiful Strangers.

More than I Expected!

“The promotional services that The Book Nymph had provided, was more than I had expected. They were fast and efficient in organizing a blog tour for my book series: A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young. Ms. Kenya Nycole Lee is delightful to work with and very accommodating. I will use their services again for future book launches and promotions.” From a happy client, Bernard Foong (pen-name Young).

Professional & Reliable!

“To sum up: professional. In the world of book promotion, simply finding someone who will do what they say is a small victory. The Book Nymph did that and more. Friendly, prompt, and capable. I’ll definitely use them as part of each release from here on out.” ~Terry Maggert, Author of “The Fearless” series.

Well Worth the Money!

“I gained over 100 new Twitter followers and tripled my website views in one week with The Book Nymph. They worked hard promoting me and my debut novel and it was well worth the money!” Kim Culpepper, Author of The Blood Talisman.

Treated Like a Rock Star!

“The Book Nymph was a phenomenal experience and tool when I was promoting my first novel, Peculiar, INC. Not only was the interview fun, but the entire week I was being promoted I felt like a rock star. My website views were going up, and folks were flocking to my social media to ask me more questions about the book, the characters, and my writing journey. Most of all, the communication was a breeze. It’s wonderful feeling connected with others in the writing and publishing industry who are full of excitement and support.”~CSR Calloway, Author of Peculiar, INC and Lost: A Never Novella.

Spike in Sales!

“I enjoyed working with The Book Nymph for promotion of my book, The Pulpit Chronicles: Prey for Me. The lovely Kenya was attentive, creative and accessible. I provided her with the info and she took it and ran, creating banners and graphics to enhance my book blast and interview. Seems like every time I turned around, there was my face or my book peeking out at me! I saw a nice spike in my sales as well as increased interest in my author and book fan pages. I am already planning another promotional campaign with The Book Nymph to launch my new horror collection, Daymares. Highly recommend this team!” Kenya Moss-Dyme, Author of The Pulpit Chronicles: Prey for Me.

Blog Tour & Spike in Sales!

“I’m not going to gush like a fan girl. I’m not going to gush like a fan girl. Never mind…I’m going to gush like a fan girl. After deciding to do a month long tour for my second release from The Wild Rose Press, I opted to do a much shorter, one week tour for my first release from the same publisher. In a day and age when so much of an author’s financial success rests on networking, self-promotion, and at times, blatant self-pimping, the help I received from The Book Nymph was phenomenal! During that one week short tour for *The Devil’s Own Desperado* I tripled my followers on Twitter. Did any of this book blast translate into sales? I can say “YES!” Even though the buy link I provided was for my publisher, my sales through Amazon also increased. I won’t know how this book blast translated with my publisher until the end of the quarter, but I am willing to bet sales increased there, too. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done. I will be recommending The Book Nymph to any of my writing friends.” Lynda Cox, Author of The Devil’s Own Desperado.

Icing on the Cake!

I have worked with many book promotion companies in the past. I can honestly say that I have never had a service that was as broad and as interesting as what I received from the Book Nymph. I loved the author feature that started the week off. I felt like the promotion was all about me and getting the world to know me. The Book Blast couldn’t have highlighted my work any better. I loved the colorful backgrounds and how the highlighting of my book was synthesized into the overall tone and feeling of the entire site. It is like getting the setting right for a good story–everything just fit together. The author interview, quick fire Q&A, and the social media blasts were icing on the cake. Thank you Book Nymph, I’ll be back often.” Dean Giles, Author of Write a Step-By-Step Book: Write Fast, Write Better, Write More, Solve Problems, Write Bestsellers, Learn How To Write a Book That Sells

A Personal Touch!

“I reached out to The Book Nymph and their services through an online event. During this event they and others had an opportunity to not only promote themselves but to help share it further among different peers from different groups like authors, designers, promoters etc. I read deeper into their services and found many interesting opportunities for Authors and Writers. Eventually I reached out because I wanted to try some of their services simply because they have a friendly, direct contact and not automated system. It’s more on a personal level and that is one of the many things I liked. The Book Nymph and their services helped me reach more readers in a multitude of places. I found the experience pleasing and welcoming and I personally will keep working with them. I recommend The Book Nymph’s service to authors that need or want to reach out further and that especially like to work in a friendly, more personal and real environment. Thank you.” Robert Friedrich – Author of Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises

Worked Their Tails Off!

“The Book Nymph worked their tails off to bring exposure to my book. Throughout my promotion, several accounts tweeted for me and posted on Facebook. I’d have no problem recommending them to my author friends.”–Charity Parkerson, Author of Intact: Cyborg Two.


I stumbled across The Book Nymph during a Facebook event, and Wow…let me just say, that was a great day! Kenya and her team are marketing pros. Attentive, professional, and always on top of their game. All my social sites gained followers and my latest release got the push it needed. I will definitely be using The Book Nymph again in the future! ~Tish Thawer, Award-Winning Paranormal Romance Author of The Rose Trilogy, the Ovialell series, and the Women of Purgatory.

Great Team Work!

“Hi Kenya,You and your team are awesome.  All of you did a wonderful job and I have no complaints whatsoever.  I will be recommending your services to other author friends of mine.I must say all of you worked as a team.  Great team work.  Love it!Thank you so much for hosting the books of Jeané Sashi.  I greatly appreciate your services.” Jeane Sashi, Author of Intimate Moments

The Perfect Touch!

“SUCH an easy experience, and the small touches Nycole (The Book Nymph Blogger) made to the blog post were perfect. Will definitely use their services again and will probably upgrade to a bigger package.” ~Tami Lund, Author of The Resort.

Skills, Ideas, and Enthusiasm No Self-Respecting Author Can Let Slip By!

“At first, having spent so much money on fruitless advertising for “Laura’s Gold”, I was hesitant about The Book Nymph’s promotion offer.  TBN is in USA and I am here in UK. Now, I cannot recommend them too highly as a group of people who truly have authors in mind. Fees are very reasonable, and the communication is great. I’m hoping to initiate more promotions with them soon, as they display skills, ideas and enthusiasm no self-respecting author can let slip by.  Thank you, Book Nymph for your support.” Mary Mills-Maclaren, Author of Laura’s Gold.

Pimps Like A Boss!

“I was introduced to The Book Nymph when I won a promotional pack.  I was impressed from the start at the number of places that links to me and my books were showing up!  It brought traffic to my page and I received dozens of new followers every day.  And they made me an awesome graphic for my interview post!  I will definitely be using their services in the future!”

Jenna Galicki – Author of The Prince of Punk Rock and The Radical Rock Stars Series.

Very Impressed!

“OMG!! Loved this! Didn’t expect it to be this damn good. Very impressed. Looking forward to working with Kenya again. Highly recommended!!!!”  Nefretiti A. Morant- Author of Perspectives


“I’m a first-time author, and I’m THRILLED Kenya followed through with promoting “Resolve And Retribution”! I’m convinced her service will help my book become a success! I’m VERY PLEASED! Other authors, no matter what genre story you’ve written–take note and do business with The Book Nymph!” Michael Holman- Author of Resolve and Retribution

A Fabulous Service!

“As a writer, I used two services from The Book Nymph; the Facebook party and the book review. The Facebook party was great fun and well-attended. The Book Nymph did a great job of marketing the party beforehand and I gained several Facebook followers as a result. The book review was a fabulous service. The review was well-written and more of a critique than review. The Book Nymph also provided marketing for the book after the review was published. I’ve actually had several people ask me if I know the reviewer as it was the review was such a great piece of prose. As a blogger, I participate in blog tours that The Book Nymph organizes. The tours are well-organized and information is easy to access. What I really like is that The Book Nymph always thanks me for helping out! In all its endeavors, The Book Nymph is fabulous at maintaining contact and responding quickly to queries. Unfortunately, that’s rare in this day and age, but very much appreciated.” –Dena Haggerty, Author of Life Discarded.